Questions & Answers

How do I use the ring?

  • Place the ring on your tongue
  • Press your tongue against the upper palate
  • If you feel the device fully pressed against your palate, it means you are mewing correctly.

This will train your tongue to be pressed up against the palate at all times when you are not speaking or eating. As a result of having your tongue placed against your palate correctly, your facial appearance will improve over time because your palate will become wider and your maxilla will gradually move upwards and forwards.


How long should I use the ring for each day?

If you are a beginner to mewing you should use it for longer periods i.e. 3-4 hours per day to give your tongue the necessary training it needs.


Can I swallow my saliva while using the ring?

Yes. Swallowing your saliva while the appliance is on your tongue will even help glue your tongue against the palate due to the ring shaped design which helps create a suction hold. Since the ring enhances the suction it helps you do the tongue sweep swallow correctly.


What if I swallow the ring?

You will not swallow the appliance unless you are trying to swallow it intentionally and even then it is very hard to swallow. If for some reason you do swallow it, the ring is made out of medical grade silicon so it will not cause any problems inside your body.


Why is the Mewing Ring shaped like it is?

The circular hole in the middle of the appliance allows your tongue to effectively be pressed against the palate because it helps your tongue create a suction hold when you swallow your saliva. The circle in the middle also allows you to feel your tongue squeezed up against the palate more effectively.


Which part of the tongue should I place the ring on?

The ring works best when placed on the middle of the tongue. When the middle part of the tongue is pressing the device up against the palate, it means that the whole tongue is doing the same including the back third part of the tongue.


Can I use the ring while sleeping?

You should not use the ring while sleeping. It should only be used when you are awake.


What is mewing?

Mewing is when you have the tongue engaged against the upper palate with lips sealed and upper and lower molars lightly touching each other. Having your tongue pressing against your upper palate moves your maxilla upwards and forwards which improves your facial appearance.


In what ways does mewing (having proper tongue posture) improve your facial appearance? 

  • More prominent cheekbones
  • Slimmer and less of a hook shaped nose appearance from side view
  • Wider facial shape from the front view
  • More prominent chin and mandible
  • Shorter philtrum
  • Wider lips
  • Straight teeth